Themed weeks

Discover the different themed weeks that we can organise and their learning objectives. Please contact us if you need to modify some of the elements, or your length of stay, to meet the requirements of your project.


  • Sport and the environment

    An exploration of natural habitats

    Instructors : CPA Lathus and CPIE Val de Gartempe (Centre for environmental initiatives)


    Learning objectives :

    • Introduce partipants to the riches of a variety of natural environments.
    • Raise awareness about the fragility of these natural habitats and the impact of man’s actions on them.
    • Discover the life of a tree, how it survives and its important role.


    Activities and workshops :

    • Mountain bike nature trip (farmland, sustainable development, streams..).
    • Exploration trip on the river and lake in a kayak.
    • Rock climbing at the Roc d’Enfer site.
    • Cave exploration to learn about the underground water cycle.
    • Orienteering challenge around the theme of water usage.
    • Into the woods, following a field archery course.
  • My lessons on horseback

    The Equestrian world

    Instructors : CPA Lathus Riding Centre


    Learning objectives :

    The development of a wide range of skills : motor, sensory, social and intellectual.


    Activities and workshops :

    • Caring for the animals
    • Games on horseback
    • Controlling the horse : going forward, stopping,
    • A ride in the country
    • Equestrian vaulting
    • Learning about horses : parts of the body, care and hygiene, working animals.
  • Sustainable development and responsible citizenship

    Major challenges for the future of our society

    Instructors : CPIE Val de Gartempe (Centre for environmental initiatives)


    Learning objectives :

    Raise awareness about the rights and duties of each citizen regarding humankind and our natural environment.

    Assess how our daily routine and actions effect the environment, both now and in the long-term.


    Activities and workshops :

    • Activities around the theme of waste reduction.
    • Study of different sources of energy, and the actions that can help reduce our daily consumption.
    • Visit an educational farm and organic vegetable garden.
    • Eco-friendly construction and renovation : explanations using the example of the buildings at CPA Lathus.
    • Circus workshop or climbing activity to develop solidarity amongst students.
  • The Circus Arts – for budding performers

    Instructors: CPIE Val de Gartempe circus instructors


    Learning objectives :

    Encourage creativity and self-expression

    Develop motor skills

    Build solidarity in the group


    Activities and workshops :

    • Juggling : balls, diabolos..
    • Acrobatics
    • Aerial acrobatics : trapeze, sheet..
    • Clowning
    • Balancing : ball, tightrope..
    • Equestrian vaulting
  • Other themed weeks
    • Drama, writing and poety, with Michel Cordeboeuf, a writer and performer
    • Storytelling with Corinne Pignoux
    • Music,with Nathalie Vrignon, a percussioniste
    • Puppeteering, with Eric Cornette, puppeteer
    • Calligraphy, with calligraphist, Agnès Chung
    • Singing, with singer and musician, Elsie Griffiths