About us

About us

CPA Lathus : a non-profit organisation (under the 1901 French law)

Set up in 1984 by Guy Gevaudan, the Outdoor centre in Lathus was originally a small kayaking base that had been taken over by the Montmorillon MJC (Montmorillon youth and cultural centre). Over the course of time, a focus on learning and education developed and new activities were added (horse riding, mountain biking, archery, circus skills…).

The vision and goals defined by a small group of friends were to create an environment and activities that helped individuals :

  • to free themselves from social restrictions
  • to be empowered in their social and professional lives
  • to acquire new knowledge and skills.

For over 30 years the CPA Lathus has been helping people to come together, creating local initiatives, and projects for local development, which maintain the balance between Man and nature.