Educational Farm

Located in the heart of the Peu Pintureau village, the purpose of our farm is to breed and rear animals.

We encourage our visitors to have direct contact with the animals to increase their understanding of the environment and the living world.

All the usual farm animals are represented, including :

  • a herd of 80 Charmoise ewes,
  • 15 Poitevine goats,
  • 5 Jersey cows and their young,
  • a sow pig and her young,
  • 2 Comtois draft horses,
  • 6 female and male Poitou donkeys,
  • farmyard animals (rabbits, chickens…),
  • an educational apiary.
chemin accessible à tous la la ferme pédagogique du Peu
les oies du CPA Lathus
balade en carriole
les chèvres a la ferme pédagogique du Peu
on donne à manger aux cochons
récolte du miel au Peu

Guests staying at Lathus can feed the animals. Depending on the season, visitors can also be involved in other farmwork (cleaning, milking and animal care). Practical workshops are also organised, such as bread making.

Activity leaders adapt the activities to suit their audience (physical and learning abilities) and use a variety of pedagogical tools. The aims and methods are explained in more detail in our educational project brochure (available in French).

In addition, the orchard and vegetable garden, which supply fresh produce for the restaurant, provide a great learning opportunity.