Our mission and our values

The CPA Lathus mission, from 1984 to present day...

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Looking forward to 2030

After 33 years of activity, it is time for the CPA Lathus to take stock and revisit its original vision and values in order to define its mission going forward to 2030. Although group ventures continue to be our main activity, we need to expand our reach, and diversify, and, more specifically, to make a decision regarding the future of the village of Peu Pintureau.

CPA reaffirms its vision, and its values

In a society focused very much on achieving, self-fulfillment and mass consumption, we believe it is difficult for an individual to develop fully outside of a community, so our vision centres on “doing things together” and “living together”. We want our guests to experience something unique at CPA Lathus: by “sharing an experience with others” and being “the actor and author of their fulfillment”. Our values are based on 4 main themes:

-         mutual respect

-         friendship

-         commitment

-         helping one another

We create and develop our activities in accordance with five main ideas :

·       doing/creating something together

·       being an active participant

·       experiencing diversity

·       returning home with a different perspective

·       engaging with the environment

Our aim is that each person leaving CPA Lathus should be able to claim this experience!

“Spend your leisure time differently, with others”

This initiative is directed at families, groups of friends, and parents with their children, and it invites them to discover the whole range of activities on offer at CPA Lathus. It is part of the tourism development plan that was implemented with the district council (Communauté de Communes Vienne et Gartempe – CCVG) and the local board of Tourist offices.

Four years ago we launched an intiative to attract families and individuals to our centre, “accueil des individuels”, which has already led to a significant increase in the seasonal frequentation of our sites.

Our mission and our environmental values

Faced with the challenges of climate change and environmental transition, CPA Lathus is investing in responsible action, whether it is in its daily operations, or in its organization of public events and activities. This is at heart of all our activity as an association.

The centre has gained official recognition as a Centre for Environmental Initiatives (CPIE Val de Gartempe) and undertakes appropriate actions with the aim of addressing the issues of environmental change and involving all members of the public.

This includes environmental education, vocational training and the management of its equipment and resources.

CPA Lathus has obtained the European Ecolabel and is certified for Organic Farming (Agriculture biologique).

logo de l'écolabel validé par l'AFNOR depuis 2008