Secondary schools and further education (11-18s)

School trips for all ages

CPA Lathus offers school field trips for High school and Further education students, for a half-day, day or a residential stay. You can choose between a themed programme of actvities, or build your own programme of activities (à la carte).

It is a great way to encourage interaction between students and for them to learn about living together.

All our activities are supervised by qualified professional instructors and by local artists.

Our approach...

CPA Lathus draws on practical hands-on experiences and interaction. Our aim is to encourage responsible and respectful behaviour towards the environment. All the activities are planned to stimulate solidarity, mutual support and active participation. Our objective is to arouse the students’ curiosity, raise important questions, and encourage students to do their own research, giving a broad perspective of approaches and points of view.


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There are two options for planning your school trip to CPA Lathus :

  • you can go “à la carte”, choosing a number of activities from the list below to include in your programme for the week;
  • Or, if you prefer a themed programme of activities, you can select one from the list of programme proposals below, compiled by CPA Lathus :


  • “A la carte” activities

    After deciding on the length of your stay, accomodation and catering arrangements, you can choose from the following activities :

    • Cultural pursuits (theatre, storytelling, poetry, music..)
    • Sensory walks
    • Canoe-kayaking
    • Circus arts
    • Horse riding
    • Climbing
    • Studying plant and animal life
    • Introduction to sustainable developement
    • Orienteering
    • Tree ropes course
    • Fishing and introduction to aquatic habitats
    • Caving and speleology
    • Archery
    • Mountain biking
    • Tree climbing
  • Themed residential trips

    Our themed trips include 8 half-day activity sessions. On request, you can modify the length of your stay.

    Themed programmes

What do you need to do organise your school trip to CPA Lathus ?

We can assist with every step by offering you :

  • activity sessions that are adjustable in length of time
  • a wide range of activities
  • a range of dining options
  • different types of accommodation

Step 1 : Create an outline for the trip and establish a budget

  1. Choose a themed week or compose your own programme of activities with the list available.
  2. Use our site, our brochures and our Reception team to help you.

Step 2 : Sign an agreement and plan the trip in detail

  1. We can send all the documents you need to write your project plan for the School Inspectorate.
  2. Draw up a list of what participants need to bring with them, finalise the timetable of activities and the allocation of rooms.

Step 3 : Promote your trip

  1. Our activity leaders can intervene in your class before and after your stay, if your chosen activities are cultural.
  2. To help us to continue to improve our services, we will ask you to complete satisfaction survey at the end of your stay.

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