Key Information :

  • activity for adults and children over  4 ;
  • lead by qualified CPA Lathus instructors.

Advantages of Lathus :

  • accessible to people with physical, hearing and learning disabilities ;
  • adapted equipment available : 3 electric buggies and 2 hand bikes (trail and road).
carte de course d'orientation
course d'orientation autour de la ferme pédagogique du Peu
stage course orientation Vienne CPA Lathus

Orienteering at CPA Lathus

Activity Supervisor : Loïc LE POLLES - BP JEPS Activités Physiques pour tous - Contact via mail 

Practical details :

  • Minimum half-day sessions organised with an instructor.
  • Individual rates for half-day sessions.
  • 20 € for over 16s, 15 euros € for under 16s.
  • Group rates available for 8 or more people.
  • The orienteering activity takes place within the safety of the CPA Lathus grounds : 200 hectares of undulating farmland with hedgerows, where 80 permanent course markers have been placed. There are lots of different courses to follow, according to the ability of the participants and the educational aims of the activity : the stars course, the tag hunt, the points course, colour-coded courses – green, blue, red, etc.

Learning aims :

  • to learn how to read a map ;
  • how to orient the map and work out your location ;
  • decide on a route based on your reading of the map and perception of the land ;
  • overcome your apprehensions and find your way in unfamiliar terrain ;
  • to memorise important details ;
  • to use a compass ;
  • to become familiar with your surroundings : the features of the landscape, the contours, the buildings etc.


Labels and accreditation

We are affiliated to the French Orienteering Federation (FFO).