The archery coaching takes place on our archery ranges or in the open air in the Le Peu village.

Key Information :

  • for adults and children over 8 years old,
  • lead by qualified CPA Lathus instructors,
  • a blowpipe activity is available for children from 4 to 8 years old,
  • the activities are also available to people with physical, hearing or learning disabilities.


Tir à l'arc
sur le pas de tir à l'arc du CPA Lathus
cible de tir à l'arc avec flèches
activité tir à l'arc sur pas de tir
parcours tir à l'arc dans les bois en nocturne

Why choose CPA Lathus for archery ?

  • There are both indoor and outdoor ranges.
  • A field archery course in the Le Peu valley.
  • A blowpipe activity for 4-8s

Archery at CPA Lathus

Activity Supervisor :  Eric BERNARD - BEES 1er degré de tir à l'arc - Contact via mail 

Practical detail :

  • Minimum half-day sessions available with a qualified instructor (April to October).
  • Individual rates for half-day sessions : 20 € for over 16s, 15 euros € for under 16s. Group rates available for 8 or more people.
  • All equipment provided.
  • Different courses and locations are available depending on the learning aims of the activity.
  • Our facilities include :
    • 3 outdoor archery ranges (i.e. no cover over the range or targets,
    • a field archery course in Le Peu valley consisting of 11 targets (5m to 20m according to ability)
    • a 25m indoor range (in case of bad weather)

Aims :

  • to become familiar and comfortable with the equipment ;
  • to master the specific techniques (eye-hand coordination, nocking the arrow, drawing the bow, aim and release) ;
  • self-discipline and control ;
  • to hit the target (get the right balance, posture, alignment, movements, anchor point).
  • Availability

    Sessions are open to individuals (minimum of 4 per session) from 18 April to 31 October during the short term breaks (zone A) and the summer holidays.





    9 -12

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    Aerial adventures

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  • The CPA Lathus Archery club

    Runs from September to June

    Open to children aged 9 and over


    Based in Montmorillon, Gymnase, l’Avenue de l’Europe (Lycée Raoul Mortier)

    Training sessions for over 9s : Fridays, 6.00 – 8.00 pm

    Year Membership fees (per person)

    includes annual federal licence and club membership

    9-10s : 86 €

    11-20s : 102 €

    Over 20s (non-competing) : 117 €

    Over 20s : 125 €

    + MJC membership (5 or 10€ depending on age)


    Start of season



    Information, reservations and membership

    CPA Lathus – 05 49 91 83 30

  • Labels and accreditations

    Officially recognised as an Ecole Française de Tir à l’Arc (French Archery school) by the French archery federation (FFTA).