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CPIE Val de Gartempe

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CPA Lathus has held the CPIE label (Centre for Environmental initiatives) since 1995. This official recognition (from the Education, Youth and Sports, Environment, and Agriculture ministries) is now attributed by a national body, the UNCPIE, which represents the network of CPIEs throughout France.

The label constitutes official approval to participate in a long-term multi-organisational project, which:

  • provides education and training on the environment to all sections of the public, and
  • organises events and other activities in the local area that are relevant to the key actors involved.

Education and training are key to achieving environmental change. This entails keeping in touch with how practices and behaviour are evolving on the ground, which then translates into specific actions aimed at raising awareness, and changing attitudes and behaviour. Actions include :

  • going into schools to give lessons and run activities ;
  • creating opportunities for the public to explore the natural world around them ;
  • organizing information stands at events and awareness campaigns ;
  • providing ongoing training for the key actors.

The CPIE Val de Gartempe is also involved, at all levels, in supporting the work of the local and territorial authorities. Current joint projects include :

  • a contract with the commune of Lathus St Remy to maintain public spaces, in the context of our job training scheme,
  • a partnership with the district council (Communauté de communes Vienne et Gartempe) to organise activities in favour of protecting of the environment and promoting awareness.
  • actions to promote local and regional public policies : for example, the use of local produce in public canteens and protection of local natural sites with the Departmental council ; environmental education, Zero pesticides project with the Nouvelle Aquitaine regional authority.

The CPIE Val de Gartempe also provides assistance to organisations involved in river management in South-west France (Centre-Val de Loire and Nouvelle Aquitaine). The TMR network (river technicians and mediators) brings together more that 250 different organisations in the South-west, and it is supported by the regional governments of Centre-Val de Loire and Nouvelle Aquitaine and the water agencies of Loire-Bretagne and Adour-Garonne.