Nature trips

CPA Lathus has been working to increase public awareness of their natural environment for the last 30 years. Our outdoor activities and trips are all about creating a greater understanding of the natural world around us, from which we have become alienated in our modern lives.

We nurture this contact with nature through the development of activities aimed at local people and tourists, such as :

  • outings to discover local wildlife and plant life and explore their habitats ;
  • guided visits of protected nature sites, such as le Léché and le Roc d’Enfer ;
  • outdoor sports.

Some of these activities are supported and financed by our partners : Agence de l’eau Loire-Bretagne, dans le cadre de la directive cadre sur l’eau, Département de la Vienne (Espaces Naturels Sensibles), Communautés de communes Vienne et Gartempe (Roc d’Enfer et P’tites balades nature), Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine notamment (politique Homme-Nature), Réseau des MJC (programme « Sortir » pour les familles).