Introduction to caving

The caving (or potholing) activity takes place in the Font Serein, a cave located in Lussac-les-Châteaux.

Our region boasts several interesting cave systems, most notably the Font Serein, a grade 2 cave which provides all the attractions of cave exploration, without the risks.

Key Information :

  • for adults and children from 8 years old ;
  • lead by qualified CPA Lathus instructors ;
  • accessible to people with hearing or mild learning disabilities.


Découverte spéléologie à Font Serein
au fond de la grotte de Font Serein
dans la grotte de Font Serein
animation spéléo dans la grotte de Font Serein

Caving at CPA Lathus

Activity Supervisor : Jean-Denis LACAN - BEES 1er degré Speleology -  Contacte via  mail 

Practical detail
This activity can be organised as a minimum half-day outing supervised by a qualified instructor.
Organised for groups of 8 or more people.
Equipment and clothing : CPA Lathus provides the helmet and safety equipment. Wear a coverall suit or old clothes.

Speleology and caving initiation

The Font Serein has horizontal cavities ideal for a caving initiation. Inside, visitors will discover an underground lake, narrow galleries, limestone concretions and a prehistoric fresco dating back to 20000 BC. Speleology, the study of caves, teaches us about geology, hydrology, underground habitats and animals and the protection of the environment. The aims of this exploration are :

  • to move along the horizontal cavities on uneven, sometimes slippery, narrow and high ground
  • at the head of the group, to find a way through the cave system, taking into consideration the level of difficulty and effort required and memorising the route
  • learn more about the science of caves and the protection of the environment (the fragility of the cave habitat, its fauna and flora and the water cycle
  • to overcome any fears or inhibitions surrounding caves, caused by fiction and fantasy.